Goderich Port Opening Delayed

This is the week the first ship of the season traditionally arrives in the port of Goderich, but that won’t happen this year.

Goderich Mayor Deb Shewfelt believes it will take a stretch of very warm temperatures and a lot of rain to melt the ice that’s still on Lake Huron because it’s been such an exceptionally cold winter.

Shewfelt says any ship would have a difficult time getting from one port to another at this point because of the ice. He’s heard rumours of icebreakers being sent to clear a path through the ice but no confirmation.

He also explains someone would have to need salt in a hurry to bring in an icebreaker because that cost is born by the recipient of the salt, not Sifto. Shewfelt believes it’s be at least another week, or more, before a ship makes it into Goderich.