Bayfield Arena Uses Proposed

A group of retirees from the Bayfield area has submitted a request to rent the Bayfield Arena to play pickle ball.

The offer is for just under 18-thousand dollars for 104 weeks.
The application also points out they are not sure what the demand for pickle ball will be, so they’re not sure if they would play through the winter.

Bluewater C-A-O Steve McAuley suggests the municipality has other venues they could use in the winter if they wished. But that means at this point, the Bayfield Arena will be empty during the winter if the ice is removed as scheduled.

McAuley points out that a decision on the ice had to be made because the arena roof has to be replaced, and to do that, they have to remove the condenser. That leads to a further decision on whether or not to replace the condenser and put it back.