North Perth May Regulate Turbine Noise At Night stock photo

Noise nuisance regulations for wind turbines should be strengthened,  according to a North Perth Councillor.

Warren Howard made the comment after his Council supported “in principle” efforts to establish a so-called “Quiet Nights” by-law.

Howard is a member of a multi-municipal coalition that is investigating the matter. ¬† Howard states, “I think the lawyers have come up with a way that is legal for us to add to the regulations and it’s defensible in the courts.”

Howard admits there is not much that can be done about wind turbine noise during the day because “we can’t ban them entirely”. He cautions the proposed establishment of a “Quiet Nights” by-law will not go much further until it has support from Councils across the Province.

North Perth is keenly watching the process due to a proposed local wind turbine project.