Maitland Valley Spring Flood Predictions

The Maitland Valley Conservation Authority has met with with local municipalities to make sure flood plans are ready.

The water content of the snow pack in the Maitland and Nine Mile watersheds is the highest measured since 1982.

But the MVCA’s Stephen Jackson says we could still see a gradual melt if temperatures are about 5 C during the day and -5 C at night. It also depends on the amount of spring rain we get.

There is a significant amount of ice in the Maitland River, particularly in the lower areas approaching Goderich. A combination of ice jams and river debris could result in unexpected flooding and road closures. Jackson adds there are some low-lying areas that are prone to flooding, including Harriston, Wingham, and Listowel.

Watershed residents are reminded that ice conditions on local streams and rivers, including ponds and reservoirs, are unsafe.