North Perth Taxes Going Up

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A lengthy and challenging 2014 budget process is over in North Perth. Council has approved a 9.4% increase in the local tax levy. Budget Committee Chair Councillor Paul Horn stresses a Provincial funding cut and policing cost increases are responsible for about 85% of that figure. Horn feels Council and staff did an extraordinary job considering the circumstances. Horn admits the impact of external factors are frustrating but states, “North Perth is still one of the most progressive municipalities around, we continue to grow, over 70 new homes in 2013.” He is equally optimistic about the future and reminds a number of significant projects are in the works. They include the extension of Binning Street, the new day care centre in conjunction with the new school and improvements to the intersection of Highway #23 and County Road #86. According to staff, when the 2014 tax levy requisitions from North Perth, the county and school boards are combined, it translates into an increase of $76.51 for the average residential unit.