Ageing In Rural Communities Discussed At Summit

The president of the Gateway Rural Health Research Institute says some very interesting questions were asked at a recent Rural Institute of Ontario Summit.

Gwen Devereaux says community leaders throughout the area were invited to the summit and one of the topics was Ageing in a Rural Community and one of the questions dealt with knowing how much it costs to retire.

What does it cost to live comfortably in a home? Devereaux admits she was surprised to learn she had no idea how much things like dentures or a hearing aid cost. The other issue that comes up in several discussions is driving for seniors and at what point do they have to acknowledge they can no longer drive.

Devereaux points out seniors truly covet their drivers licence because its part of their identity. But there comes a time when they have to give it up and Gateway has a program that helps them be better senior drivers and then helps them make the transition when the time comes.