Central Huron Deciding How To Spend Funds From Clinton Power

A Central Huron Councillor has suggested his council follow the example of Huron East in using funds from the sale of Clinton Power.

Councillors had been looking applying the roughly $900,000 towards paying down debt but Brian Barnim suggested they consider instead setting up a trust as Huron East has done to help encourage development.

Barnim explains there are no develop-able lots in Clinton because it’s too expensive for an individual to start a development. Barnim says that money could be invested through a trust to develop lots that would be ready for anyone considering moving to Clinton.

Barnim also points out the money would come back to the municipality and could be used over and over again to encourage more development rather than be used once and it’s gone.

He also suggested council invite a member of the Huron East trust to talk them about how the trust is working there.