Business Of The Month – Smith’s Apples

Growing up we always loved fall. I remember we would have big family dinners at this time of year enjoying delicious locally grown food and every year we would pick apples and pumpkins from a local farm.

This year we went to Smith’s Apples and it was just like I remember. When we got there the first thing we did was visit the farm marking. There we were created by the mouthwatering smell of baking apples. The staff were super friendly and let us taste each of the varieties available. Of course, each of my kids liked a different one, but the staff showed us where to pick them so we could get them all.

We picked tons, it was so much fun and it was great to show the kids were our food grows. I was so proud, they asked so many questions and farmer Jim was able to answer everyone’s so well.

then after we picked we all went back into the outback the kids ran straight for the giant tube slide loved it. We played on the straw bails and in their new playground. The kids got so muddy but they had smiles for miles.

And finally, we explored the corn maze, after twenty minutes of wandering I was sure we were lost but eventually, after tons of giggles we found our way out.

Then before we left we made sure to grab the pie in a few biscuits it’s for the ride home. I even picked up some of their frozen pastry rollouts
so we could make a pie at home together with the apples we picked. we were so happy to discover Smith’s Apples. I love that we can continue the traditions my family started years ago and I am so excited to make a visit to Smith’s year after year.

470 The River Road RR3, Port Elgin, ON N0H 2C7