Plans in the works for local Earth Day celebration

(Provided by Blue Bayfield's Ray Letheran)

The Co-founder of Blue Bayfield says they’ve started planning for an elaborate celebration of Earth Day on April 22nd.

Ray Letheran says it’s time for people to re-focus on what we’re doing as individuals as it relates to the Earth.

“We’re certainly all aware of the tremendous number of storms, floods, fires, droughts around the globe. So we often forget that we have responsibilities, as individuals, to make changes. And although many people around Huron County have made changes in their life, it’s time to re-evaluate what we can do,” Letheran explained.

Letheran says they have a number of events scheduled for Earth Day.

“So the first one is going to be a hike on the Woodland Trail in Bayfield and then of course we have the annual village clean up where everybody gets together and picks up the dog dirt that’s been left behind and the water bottles and all the other stuff and we’ve arranged with our restaurants in the village to do local food,” shared Letheran.

Letheran says the hope there is it will encourage people to shop locally as much as possible.

Also, Letheran notes that when most people look at the Great Lakes they just assume they’re in great shape but the fact is, in terms of pollution, they’re in worse shape than the oceans. But he adds, there are things we can do to reverse that trend. Letheran says they’ll have a complete schedule of events posted on the Village of Bayfield web site by the beginning of March, as well as on their Facebook page.