County Mural Project designs being finalized

The mural on the side of the Bayfield Arena (Photo by Bob Montgomery)

Huron County Economic Development Officer Rick Sickinger says work is progressing on the remaining four murals in the Huron County Mural Project.

Sickinger says murals will eventually be hanging in five communities. The one on the arena in Bayfield was completed last year while the weather was still cooperating.

“Both Wingham and Exeter have chosen a mural artist they are wanting to work with. They have gotten down to a final design for the mural that they’ll be sharing over the next month both with their local council but also with the public,” Sickinger shared.

Sickinger says that will give the public the opportunity to provide input on the final design.

Sickinger says Seaforth and Clinton are still working on their murals, and both have selected a mural artist that they like and they’re just finalizing the design concept for those murals. Sickinger says when that’s done, they’ll also be going to their local councils and then the public for final approval.

“So some of the communities are going to have the mural painted on board and then the mural will be installed on the building at some point in the spring of this year. And then the others, we kind of have to wait again until there’s good weather to pain on the building,” added Sickinger.

More information can be found by Googling the Huron County Mural Project.