OPP finds West Grey Police building insufficient

West Grey residents now know that, whether it’s the West Grey Police Service or the Ontario Provincial Police handling its police coverage, the municipality will need a new building.

Council took in a presentation from a delegation of OPP members Wednesday morning, who confirmed that they conducted a site survey of the current West Grey Police building in Durham in March 2022, and found it is not even close to its facilities standard.

That means if West Grey switches over to OPP, they will either need a new building or a retrofit of an existing building to fit the needs of the OPP, likely at the cost of the municipality.

Members of West Grey Council voted to take in a costing analysis from the OPP during discussions about plans for a new police building over a year ago, with members of council hopeful at that time that the OPP would foot at least a portion of the bill.

Council will take in one more presentation Thursday from an accounting firm that is expected to include recommendations, as well as the results of a survey conducted among West Grey residents.