Ontario Home Care wants more promised funding from province

(© Can Stock Photo / akiyoko)

Ontario Home Care has launched a new campaign called Bring Care Home and C-E-O Sue VanderBent says one the things they’re asking for is funding that has been promised by the province.

VanderBent says the province promised a $1 billion investment over three years in home care in its June budget. But she says so far they’ve only seen $120 million. VanderBent says they’d like to see that accelerated. VanderBent says one of the first things they would do is pay home care staff a little bit more.

“We prioritize graduating more PSWs and nurses and therapists who could work in the home care system and we want to expand the newly-created Seniors Home Care Tax Credit to support anyone who funds some of their own home care to help them stay at home,” VanderBent explained.

VanderBent says 96 per cent of the seniors who responded to a recent survey said they want to remain in their homes for as long as possible.

“If we shore up home care we will reduce hospital admissions and we will speed up hospital discharges and I think that’s what all people want. If you have to go into the hospital, you want to get home as soon as possible. And that’s why our campaign is called Bring Care Home,” VanderBent added.

VanderBent says, with the right supports, home care is the quickest, most effective way we can give our loved ones the care they need and deserve. She says the new campaign is anchored by an informative website, http://www.choosehomecare.ca, that is calling on Ontarians to tell the government to “Bring Care Home.”