Lake Huron Centre planning numerous initiatives to help keep lake clean from plastics

Erinn Lawrie - Executive Director, Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation. (photo by Bob Montgomery)

The CEO of the Lake Huron Centre says a lot of attention is paid to the amount of plastic pollution in the oceans.

But Erinn Lawrie says a lot of people would be surprised by the amount of plastic pollution in the Great Lakes, including Lake Huron. Lawrie says they have a very aggressive program planned.

“We have twelve beach clean-ups planned in different Lake Huron communities and we’re also going to be starting a new pilot project to install filters on storm drains, so hopefully we can remove some of that plastic pollution before it ends up going un-filtered into our lake,” Lawrie says.

Additionally, they’ll also be looking at what type of things their catching in those filters. Lawrie says they’re also going to be continuing their micro plastic awareness project.

“We’re also going to be continuing our micro plastic awareness project where we’re sampling Lake Huron Water and looking at it under the microscope to see if there’s any micro plastics in it. And yes, there are micro plastics in our water. We really need to be able to continue that important research,” Lawrie adds.

Another neat thing Lawrie says they’re going to be doing next year is installing some self clean-up stations.

“Another neat thing that we’re going to be doing next year is installing some self clean-up stations on public beaches. So, there’ll be like a little sign and instructions and materials for people to be able to do their own really quick, maybe two or five minute beach clean up,” Lawrie shares.

Lawrie also says the plastics in Lake Huron doesn’t come from somewhere else, it’s put there by the people who live or visit along the shoreline. She also points out, they do need donations to allow them to continue their work, things like the beach clean-ups, supporting their volunteers and putting filters on the drains. And Tuesday, November 29 has been designated as Giving Tuesday. So they’re asking people to donate if they can to help them. Information about their programs and how to donate can be found on the web site.