Municipality partners with security firm for by-law enforcement

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The Municipality of North Perth has partnered with Tenet Security Group to help the municipality with by-law enforcement services.

In a release, North Perth states the “contracted service will benefit the by-law enforcement needs of the municipality by providing support and complimenting the work of a full-time By-Law Enforcement Officer.” By-law services will include the “inspection, maintenance, and enforcement of Municipality of North Perth by-laws and property standards, including but not limited to parking, animal control and lot maintenance. In addition to the use of a variety of compliance options including non-fee notices and tickets, Tenet will also provide proactive, uniformed patrols, community education and engagement, as well as documentation and reporting of complaints.”

The contract was agreed to at the May 16th North Perth Council meeting. The new by-law enforcement officers began their new post as of June 20th.

Individuals interested in filing a by-law related complaint are asked to complete a By-law Enforcement Complaint Form found on the municipal website.  The form can be submitted online.  Further information regarding by-law enforcement can be found at