Council approves potential arrival of popular restaurant chains photo

North Perth Council has approved a zoning bylaw that could see the arrival of two popular restaurant chains in Listowel.

At their meeting on June 13th, North Perth Council approved a zoning bylaw for a potential site plan for No Quarter Holdings Inc. for a new complex in Listowel. CAO Kris Snell says that complex is slated to include two popular restaurant chains that could soon call Listowel home.

“So a commercial development on Highway 23, or Mitchell Road South, for a commercial plaza as well as two restaurants, including, on the proposed site plan, a Starbucks and a Taco Bell.”

Snell says now the process will have to go through a mandatory 28 day appeal period, and after that expires, next stages gearing toward construction can begin. He specified where the new plaza will be located assuming everything gets through the appeal period.

“It’s the property, the vacant property between Meulensteen Tire and Canadian Tire. So we’ll have to go through the appeal period with the zoning bylaw, but once that’s up in 28 days there will be a site plan approval process and then following that a build will be able to proceed.”

The 28 day appeal period for the zoning bylaw will expire July 11th.