Local municipality has excellent year for assessment growth

ACW Mayor and Huron County Warden Glen McNeil. (Photo by Bob Montgomery)

Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh Mayor, Glen McNeil says the past year was a good one for the county and for A-C-W as far as assessment growth is concerned.

McNeil says Huron County recorded an increase in assessment growth.

“For Huron County we had an increase in assessment growth of 139-million dollars. Broken down by municipality, A-C-W had the greatest assessment growth at 25 million dollars.”

McNeil suggests people are choosing to move to Huron County for a variety of reasons.

“People have chosen to move to Huron County for a variety of reasons. One is the beautiful shoreline that we have within Huron County and of the total growth, the majority is residential.”

McNeil says another significant factor in the increase in the number of people moving to Huron County is the opportunity for more people to work from their home and that makes working in the GTA, but living in Huron County look very attractive. He also points out that it becomes even more important to get broadband service to the entire county.

McNeil also points out the need for more housing of all kinds to accommodate all of the people that are now able to move to Huron County.