Mayor on West Grey seeking costing from OPP: “Talk about pulling the rug out from under our community”

(West Grey Police Service image)

Despite a weekend full of messages from citizens that supported their municipal police service, West Grey Council has voted to seek a costing to provide police coverage from the Ontario Provincial Police.

The decision came as a result of a close 4-3 vote on a Notice of Motion submitted by Councillor Rebecca Hergert, who was joined by Councillors Shea, Hamilton and Townsend in voting to seek the costing, while Mayor Christine Robinson, Deputy Mayor Tom Hutchinson and Councillor Doug Hutchinson voted against the notice of motion.

Shortly after she handed control of the meeting over to Deputy Mayor Hutchinson, Mayor Robinson slammed the motion on the floor, saying “I have not heard any compelling reason to support this motion. We have an extremely successful police service that is serving our community.”

Robinson continued “This motion comes at the very last council meeting of our third year. Talk about pulling the rug out from under our community. Although before us as an item, the timing of this is most inappropriate.”

As a result of today’s vote, municipal staff will now begin the process of requesting a costing from the OPP and report back to council when more information has been received.