Councillor feels county administration building should be relocated to within Wellington borders

(Blackburn News file photo)

A Wellington County Councillor is calling for the county’s administration centre to move to a location within the county’s own borders.

Campbell Cork has presented the notice of motion for council to consider at a future meeting, and says it’s a good time to discuss the possibility of relocating, given the county has considerable funds earmarked for an expansion of the current administration centre in Guelph.

Cork tells CKNX “the county’s future plans call for spending about $28M on the county headquarters in Guelph, with a big part of that money spent on a new multi-story parking garage”.

“Instead of paying that $28M of the county’s taxpayer dollars in Guelph, why not spend it in Wellington County? We already have the free land that was kind of earmarked for this project, and it will give us all the parking we need. We won’t need an underground parking garage”.

Cork feels the location known as “Wellington Place” between Fergus and Elora would be a fine location for the county’s administration building, note that is already contains “the county’s Museum and Archives, Long-Term care facility, the county’s police headquarters, heath unit, and a whole bunch of other places. It just makes so much sense to be there”.