HPHA hosting virtual community update tonight

Andrew Williams, Huron-Perth Healthcare Alliance CEO (Bob Montgomery photo)

The Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance is hosting a virtual community update tonight (November 25th).

C-E-O, Andrew Williams says they’ll be talking about COVID and providing an update on operations.

“We’ll be talking about COVID and an update on operations across the Alliance, talk a bit about our situation with staffing and focus a bit on our Clinton Emergency Department situation and then a chance for people to ask questions throughout the evening.”

Williams says, obviously, staffing is one of their biggest challenges.

“Staffing continues to be a problem throughout the country and it’s flaring up in different ways in different organizations and we seem to be successful in some ways in recruiting, but not to the point where we’re yet able to open our E-D on a 24-hour basis.”

He does point out, over the last few months, they’ve welcomed 106 team members to the HPHA, so that’s a lot of new people coming, but there are still some significant challenges and they exist everywhere in health care right now.

Williams says it will give them a chance to provide some good information to people as well as give them a chance to connect with the communities they serve. The update will start at seven o’clock tonight and a link to the update can be found on the Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance web site.