Goderich Mayor says work nearing completion at the waterfront

Along the beach in Goderich. {Photo by Bob Montgomery}

Mayor John Grace says the report from the Director of Operations and the Treasurer will be reviewed at a special meeting of Goderich council in December to review the work on the town’s waterfront.

Grace says they’re already done a lot of work down at the waterfront and they still have work to do.

“We still have work to do and we still have a strong vision of what the waterfront is going to look like. Council wants to review the investment that we’ve made to date and we want to review the cost of that investment and the vision.”

Grace explains, a lot of the work that still has to be done is on the operational side of the project, but there are also some concepts they want to look at. 

They’re still reviewing the concept of some retail down there. We’re still doing work beyond the Rotary Cove, into the dog run, hardening the dog run, just like we did with the other areas of the waterfront.”

They also still have to get the benches in place and finish the landscaping. Grace adds, they hope to have the entire projects by the middle of next summer.