Local council makes donation to United Way

(Blackburn News file photo)

The municipality of South Huron has approved a thirty-thousand dollar donation to the Perth Huron United Way.

Councillor, Marissa Vaughan, says the United Way is one of many partners that are part of the municipality Community Task Force. She says they’ve been working with them since the beginning of the pandemic and they have done a tremendous amount of working looking after some of the most vulnerable people in the community.

“So we value their service and we’re not out of the woods yet, from a COVID-19 perspective, and we unanimously supported a thirty-thousand dollars donation to help them continue providing support.”

Vaughan adds, she believes this is something that’s likely going to continue for some time.

“I believe this is something we’re going to be doing on a continuous basis, how many years I can’t actually say, but I don’t know how many years we’re going to be dealing with the after affects of COVID.”