Municipality partners with tourism app to highlight local events and businesses

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North Perth has partnered with Driftscape to try and enhance the local tourism experience for tourists and locals.

Kimberley Kowch, the Community Development Coordinator for North Perth, says the municipality has a specific goal in partnering with the travel app company.

“Ensure that as people travel through the area or new residents to the area and in particular, young adults ages 14-29, that they see all the different things that can be done and all the experiences that can be had here in North Perth.”

Kowch says people just need to download and register on the free Driftscape app, and it will point out businesses, experiences and events that are available in the North Perth region and people can search for those things from their home before planning a trip out into the community.

“So after you download it, as you travel through the area, have the app open and it will show all the different experiences and points of interest on the app. Or, if they’re researching from home or before their trip or for local residents, you can look and see all the different events.”

In terms of helping businesses and restaurants, which North Perth has plenty of, the app will partner well with the North Perth Eats segment of the municipal website.

“It gives more information than what normally a Google search would do. With our North Perth Eats app or layer of the app, it takes them right to the website or Facebook page and other details for the restaurants and eateries.”

The other goal of the partnership with Driftscape is to potentially attract newcomers to the area to settle here permanently, and Kowch says the app will do a lot of heavy lifting in terms of people researching and learning about how great a place North Perth is.

“Having many and diverse recreation and food options to explore and discover are key when people look at relocating to a new region. Our hope is that this app will offer those options and experiences in one fun and easy to use platform, both for visitors and residents alike.”

Kowch says North Perth only has so many local things they can feature on the app right now, but it will hopefully help all local businesses enjoy more foot traffic as the app encourages people to explore the area. Any suggestions on events or businesses to add to the app can be emailed to