New local BIA members being welcomed with more involvement opportunities

Downtown Clinton.(Photo by Bob Montgomery © Blackburn Media)

The Chair of the Central Huron BIA says one of her goals for the coming year is to step back a little and let other people get more involved.

The B-I-A held their annual general meeting this week and Sandy Garnet says she’s been a member of the Central Huron BIA for about fourteen years now and this year they have a lot of new members. She says she would really like them to feel comfortable in their positions.

“I would really like them to be comfortable in their positions, so that when 2022 rolls around and the elections come up, they know what they’re stepping into, they know what’s expected.”

Garnet says they’re also hoping for new signage in the next year. She says they’d like something at the entrance to Clinton that lists all of the businesses downtown and allows them to add and remove businesses as they leave or come into town.

“And blade signage, signage that would hang out, perpendicular from your store, at a height that’s safe, but when you’re walking down the street, or even driving, you’ll be able to see the store names without having to look up.”

Garnet says they’re also really looking forward to getting a new main street once all of the construction is finished and she adds, it’s been a great experience working with the municipality on that project.