Municipality to gauge public opinion on how to vote in 2022 municipal election

North Perth Municipal Office Listowel (Blackburn News file photo)

North Perth is looking to engage the public on any potential changes to the voting process for the 2022 municipal elections.

Municipal Clerk, Pat Berfelz, says with the elections just over a year away, she wants to get ahead of the game in terms of carrying out voting, because it can be hard to retain or secure the vendors year over year.

“So I asked council if they would allow me to use our website YourSayNorthPerth and basically ask the public their opinion on how they would like to vote in the next municipal election, as well as preferred voting locations.”

Berfelz says North Perth has been using composite ballots since her involvement in 2003. She says when the public engagement survey goes live, there will be 4 options.

“So it will be mail-in voting, vote by telephone, internet voting or the status quo.”

The goal, Berfelz adds, is to hopefully have the voter engagement public survey live on YourSayNorthPerth by the end of August or in early September.