County receives funding to install electric vehicle chargers

(© Can Stock Photo / bwylezich)

Huron County has received funding through the Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program to install electric vehicle chargers in the county, along with the Town of Goderich, Municipality of Huron East, and the Township of North Huron.

Huron County will be receiving 14 Level 2 electric vehicle chargers with 26 individual charging ports distributed across various locations within the participating municipalities.

Climate Change and Energy Specialist, Lily Morrow, explains, under the terms of the partnership, the chargers are to be placed near work places or where they’re accessible to fleet vehicles, but they are being placed where they’re also available to the public. Morrow adds, they are level 2 chargers, so it could take up to eight hours to fully charge a vehicle.

“So you could look at possibly about eight hours to charge your vehicle, but they are meant for more top-up charging, so when someone might be doing some shopping in one of the down towns, they can plug in their vehicle and for the duration that they’re there, they can top up their charge.”

Morrow adds, Huron County’s participation in this program is just one piece of a larger picture. She says many municipalities are looking at electric vehicle chargers.

“The county’s also partnering with Wellington County right now to explore the development of a regional charging network. So that would allow people to travel all the way from highway 401, areas like Guelph, out to Huron County.”

Morrow says the installation was delayed to some degree by the pandemic, but is expected to begin later this summer.