Tickets on sale for Blyth Festival’s season

Blyth Memorial Hall and Blyth Festival Theatre ( photo)

Tickets are now on sale for this year’s Blyth Festival season.

Artistic Director, Gil Garratt, says they will feature five one-person shows from August 11th to October 3rd and they will be staged outdoors at the brand new outdoor Harvest Stage.

Garratt says the first play, The Downs, was written and is performed by Sheryl Scott. Garratt says the play was first performed in the London Fringe in 2015.

“It started in the London Fringe in 2015 and I have a long time member at the theatre, he saw it at the Fringe, came to my office the very next day, with the program still in his hand and said, you have to bring this to Blyth.”

Garratt says Sheryl’s performance is based on Sheryl’s own family back in New Brunswick.

“Sheryl plays Millie and Millie is actually based on Sheryl’s own family back in New Brunswick on the home farm in the 1950s and we get to see this portrait of the family and the whole town, she plays everybody in the town.”