Local Chamber of Commerces beginning to feel optimism regarding pandemic

A woman wearing a face covering shops for groceries. File photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / Kzenon

The Operations Manager for the Chamber of Commerce in Goderich, North Huron and Central Huron says the feedback she’s getting from her members is that they feel the worst of the pandemic is definitely behind us.

Heather Boa describes the general feeling as cautiously optimistic.

“Our members are cautiously optimistic. They’re pleased to be open again, to be able to serve their customers face to face. There is still some hesitancy that another wave may come.”

Boa says they want their customers to feel safe and want their customers to be responsible in their stores to keep everyone safe.

But she adds, it does seem that the economy is opening up.

“It does seem as though the economy is opening up and it’s starting to move forward and people are out shopping and our numbers are really good right now and that seems to be the best indicator for people.”

And if the traffic on the Square last weekend, both foot and vehicular, is any indication, things are definitely starting to open up.