Clinton Lions Club folding after 85 years

Left to right: Glen Thomas, President, Clayton Groves, Carl Merner, Rob Brown, Secretary, Merv Kumm, Treasurer, Jim Ginn, Mayor, Central Huron (Photo by Bob Montgomery)

The Clinton Lions Club is folding.

Jane Groves is the wife the Lions Club President, Clayton Groves and has been active with the club for some time.

She says the club received its charter 85 years ago and at one time had as many as thirty members but now has only five members.

“They can not get younger people interested in joining or commit to doing extra things. Their motto is We Serve and they have done a tremendous amount for Clinton over the years and if it wasn’t for the local people that have supported them over the years, they couldn’t have accomplished what they started.”

Groves says they’ve helped with many projects.

“They have looked after the Ausable Bayfield Park, south of Clinton since 1995, cutting the grass, they’ve put up children’s swings, they made a walking trail back in behind, they have a pavilion that was put up and a fire place is in it.”

Groves says it’s a very sad thing for the five members that are still active and others that have been in the past, but she believes several other service clubs in the area are faced with the same thing in that it’s very challenging to find new, young members.