Huron East getting new housing development project underway

Huron East is ready to start a residential housing development project beside the Brussels, Morris and Grey Community Centre in Brussels.

Mayor Bernie MacLellan says the municipality has purchased about twenty acres of land adjacent to the community centre and arena and he says the first five acres to be developed will accommodate 35 or 36 houses.

“The first five acres is supposed to be 35 or 36 houses going up, so with the need for housing in Huron County, this was a really good move and I think forward thinking for the municipality and it would already be underway if it wasn’t for COVID.”

MacLellan says there will be a mixture of homes in the development.

“In my opinion that’s the proper way to build a community. You don’t want all quads in one area, you don’t want all just giant houses, so we want a mixture of things, but we want it to be good starter homes and you want starter homes close to an arena because those are your families that are going to use your facility.”

MacLellan says it looks like the first phase will be underway about the same time as the renovations to the community centre will start so the two projects will be in step in making the community better.