Chamber of Commerce businesses want more support during COVID shutdown photo

The Operations Manager for the Chamber of Commerce in Goderich, Central Huron and North Huron, says the business community understands the need for them to do their part to keep people safe and stop the spread of COVID-19.

Businesses also understand how important it is that there is space in our hospitals for people to recover, so it is important to keep the numbers down in our regions. But Heather Boa says they also want to know that their stores or their services are being shut down based on good data.

“But they want to know too, that their stores or their services are shut down based on good data. They want to know that there is data out there to demonstrate the need for their businesses to shut down.”

Boa says there are also a few things on their wish list, starting with the hope that their business will be open again in the near future. They would also like to see more support for the business community.

“In the last budget, there was a little bit of a roll-back in funding as the government announced that it was shifting to recovery. Well, we’re not in recovery right now. We are still in the midst of a crisis and the business community needs support.”