Taste of Huron website being developed to showcase local food and beverage businesses

Blackburn News file photo.

The Director of Economic Development for Huron County says they hope to have a Taste of Huron web site up and running within a month.

Cody Joudry says the project is a partnership between Community Futures and Huron County Economic Development to create a central location for information.

“We want to create a central location for information about all the unique tastes, both food and beverages that are available in Huron County, to highlight our producers and the great opportunities that exist.”

Joudry says Community Futures Huron and the county’s Tourism Development Officer, Rick Sickinger, are doing a great job with the food and beverage industries that exist and points out, Huron County has a lot to offer. He admits there’s always more work they can to to develop more experiences and more awareness of the growing food and beverage industry.

“There’s a lot that we have to offer. There’s always more work we can do to develop more experiences and more awareness about it. It’s just not all in one central place, so having that available for us to highlight the great opportunity, great experiences and taste that we have available is really good.”

Joudry adds, because it’s a growing industry, it’s something they have to promote a little more and the Taste of Huron web site will help them do that.