Local resident asks council to consider fast chargers for electric vehicle charging network

A Goderich resident, who drives an electric car, made a presentation to Huron County recently about the advantages of going to a fast charger, rather than a level two charger, when they look at joining a regional electric car charging network.

Chris Spaleta points out, when he travels in his electric car, he never uses level 2 chargers.

“When I travel places, with my electric car, I never use level 2 chargers, I always use fast chargers. If you stopped at a gas station and it took you five or six hours to charge your car, you’d probably find a different way of doing it.”

And he says the different way for electric cars is the fast charger.

Spaleta adds, Tesla currently sells about four times as many electric cars as the leading competitor, and Tesla has its own charging infrastructure that tells drivers where Tesla chargers are located on the route they’re choosing to take.

“So, all along the 401 corridor, all along the Trans-Canada highway, in all major cities across Canada, there are fast chargers for Tesla, which is what I use.”

He says in Southwestern Ontario, there is a huge gap between Woodstock in the south and Kincardine in the north. But as more people switch to electric cars, those gaps will be closed and it makes sense to install fast chargers to facilitate that now, than go to level 2 chargers now and have to upgrade in the future.