Bruce County Children’s Services making parents aware of Special Needs Resource Program

Bruce County is making local parents of children with special needs aware of its Special Needs Resource Program.

Bruce County Children’s Services states in a recent release that the Special Needs Resource Program supports the inclusion of children with special needs in licensed childcare settings, EarlyON programs, as well as camps, skill building and recreation programs. The release states that “the Special Needs Resource Program is a voluntary program with no cost to parents and caregivers, and offers three levels of service, with the purpose of providing universal inclusion strategies, focused short term consultation services, and intensive individual support when needed.”

Resource Teachers in Bruce County will help families find community supports and services and help plan a seamless transition to school for kids with special needs. If you’re interested in the program, contact the Special Needs Resource Program toll free at 1-800-265-3005, locally at 519-881-0431, or email You can also find more information by visiting

“Bruce County recognizes that parents are the single most important influence in their child’s life. Parental involvement and participation is important in planning and implementing your child’s support program,” says Children’s Services Manager Tina Metcalfe, “Together with parents and educators, our Resource Teachers will develop recommendations and goals based on your child’s developmental needs and the priorities of your family. Information received is always confidential and will not be shared without written parental permission.”