Funding applied for to spruce up area next to Clinton Town Hall

Spooner's Lane, next to Clinton Town Hall. (Photo by Bob Montgomery)

Central Huron’s Community Improvement Coordinator has applied for funding to create a light tunnel in Spooner’s Lane, beside the Clinton Town Hall.

Angela Smith explains, she wants to have archways built that will mirror the entrance to Spooner’s Lane that is already there.

“So it will be a complement to that, all the way back the side of the town hall and then we will have it covered with a netting and then have lights attached to it, so it will be completely covered in little lights.”

Smith says the mesh would allow snow to come through in the winter, to add to the charm of the tunnel.

Smith adds she has several ideas for events in the tunnel, but she wants to hear what area residents would like to have there. Smith says she would like to have it lit with red and white lights for Canada Day.

“I would like to have it lit with red and white lights for Canada Day, invite people to come for a walk down town throughout the whole Canada Day week and take pictures of themselves and I’d also like to have various events in the tunnel, so perhaps morning yoga classes, or children’s birthday parties or small weddings.”

Smith adds, one of the unique aspects of the tunnel is that high school students have been invited to come out and help with the construction of the tunnel, as well as installing the lights and getting it prepared and art students are being invited to design the donor board that will be inside the tunnel. And she’s hoping she can have all done by this fall.