Central Huron residents will vote online and via phone again in 2022

Central Huron Mayor Jim Ginn (photo by Bob Montgomery)

Mayor Jim Ginn says Central Huron residents will be voting by phone and internet again in 2022.

Ginn says 2022 will be the third time Central Huron residents have voted that way and it’s worked well for them.

“It’s worked very well for us with the company that we went to,” says Ginn. “And of course with this, we can go more than just the one voting day. So it’s usually a two week period. Or it can be more that people can register their votes so they don’t all have to do it in one day.”

Ginn adds, this time phone and internet voting will be county-wide.

There will also be help at the Central Huron municipal office to help voters who are not comfortable.