Bluewater Council looking for input regarding protection of shoreline properties image

Bluewater Mayor Paul Klopp says council has asked for more information and more input from the public on a request to allow shoreline property owners to extend erosion control from their properties to adjacent municipal property.

Klopp says, on occasion, they’ve been asked by property owners if they can encroach on Bluewater property.

“The odd time when they’ve been asking if they can encroach on Bluewater property to tie in their wall, or whatever they doing, whether it be steel, stone or whatever and we’ve been doing them sort of one at a time but there seems to be more coming along.”

But Klopp says, because of the high water levels and the increased threat of erosion, the number of requests is increasing.

Klopp adds they’ve asked staff to provide more information so that council can create a policy for the use of municipal property in protecting private shoreline and they’re also asking for more input from the public.

“We asked for the public to give their input also, some had heard about the issue and had sent letters or calls and we felt that it needed to be out there for everyone to give a fair chance for discussion. So I think we’ve asked them to come back with the report late March, early April.”

Erosion along the Lake Huron shoreline in the Municipality of Bluewater (Photo by Bob Montgomery)