Municipalities agree to continue sharing plumbing and building inspector

Central Huron Mayor Jim Ginn (photo by Bob Montgomery)

Central Huron and Huron East have renewed their agreement to share a plumbing and building inspector.

Central Huron Mayor, Jim Ginn, explains this will be the second year for the arrangement. 

When the County Public Health gave up plumbing and sewage inspections, we hired a person on, part time with us and part time with Huron East, so we’re just renewing that agreement with Huron East. So she can do both plumbing inspections and building inspections for both municipalities.”

Ginn adds, sharing services is not unusual in Huron County. Most of the municipalities share the same animal control officer and bylaw officer, while Central Huron also shares a fire chief with Bluewater. He points out, as municipalities experience more financial pressures they have to find ways to be more efficient.