South Bruce mayor comments on DGR settled science motion being tabled

A sketch of the planned underground storage for nuclear fuel (Provided by the NWMO)

South Bruce Mayor Robert Buckle says more work needs to be done before his municipality, and Bruce County, can agree on a recent motion regarding the deep geological repository.

The Nuclear Waste Management Organization is continuing to do testing and public education in the area, but as far as agreeing on a recent motion that the DGR’s safety is a matter of “settled science”, Buckle said more evidence needs to be gathered and the mayors of Bruce County want to see more.

“Since South Bruce will be having environmental studies done in the next year, such as bore-hole drilling, water well monitoring and so forth, the science will be more confirmed after that.”

Buckle suggested that Bruce County table the motion until those studies can be completed.

“Once that is done, those reports will be brought forward to our South Bruce Council, plus Bruce County Council.”

After the councils receive those reports, the motion on the DGR being settled science can be brought back to the agenda to be voted on. Buckle said that’s not likely to happen for at least a year.