County asking for public input on discounted property taxes for unimproved properties

Blackburn News file photo.

Huron County is looking for input from residents on its policy of discounting property taxes on unimproved commercial and industrial properties.

Since 2017, the province has provided municipalities with broad flexibility to tailor the treatment of these vacant and excess lands in response to local circumstances. The county intends to seek permission to eliminate the tax rate discount percentage for vacant and excess land.

Warden Jim Ginn said some of the buildings in Huron County are considerably cheaper than the rental rates charged in big cities.

“Some of our buildings are quite cheap compared to big city rental prices so, certainly we want to encourage people to have a business in their commercial buildings and if the tax break is high enough, then it’s kind of a disincentive for them to actually fill their buildings.”

Ginn said in some cases, there are advantages to using their Huron County buildings for storage rather than store things in the city.

The county is asking anyone with an interest in changes to the policy to submit a formal survey and comment form and that can be found on the Huron County website under news and media releases. Submissions should be made before October 26.