Green Goderich holding Fridays for Futures event

(© Can Stock Photo / robwilson39)

Members of Green Goderich are holding a Fridays for Future event this Friday.

Dean Whalen explains, they’re calling the event a Shoe Strike, named after the Swedish environmental activist, Greta Thunberg.

Whalen says the goal is to draw attention to the issue of climate change and the lack of action by political leaders to address the issue.

Whalen says Doctor Jim Hollingworth has volunteered to put a bin in front of his garage for the event.

“Doctor Jim Hollingworth has volunteered to keep track of the shoes and there’s a bin in front of his garage at the corner of St. Andrew and St. Patrick Street and it’s signed and people can see it and any time they want they can just drop shoes into the bin and leave their posters if they could.”

Whelan says the shoes will all be collected and on Friday, September 25th, they’ll be placed around a special tree.

“The shoes are being collected and they’re going to be placed around the tree memorializing life and death at the Lion’s Club Harbour Park, here in Goderich, and we’re going to place the shoes and posters from people, because they can’t be there in person due to COVID-19.”

Whelan says only about ten people will actually be invited, but they’ll take some pictures and say a few words about the climate change issue. Whalen says the shoes will be donated to local charities after Friday.

More information about the event can be found on the Green Goderich web site.