Huron County needs more protective equipment for emergency staff

Huron County Warden Jim Ginn (Photo by Bob Montgomery)

Huron County Warden Jim Ginn says they need some help from the public in getting more protective equipment for their Emergency Services staff.

“They are in short supply because they’re needed virtually all over the world and all of the manufacturers are certainly having trouble meeting all of the orders that they have right now, so we’ve put out a request that if anyone has surplus they could let us know,” said Ginn.

A specific list of items they’re looking for includes:
-N95 masks, model number 3M18710, 3M9210 or 3MVFlex;
-Other models of N95 may be used after assessment by our staff;
-Nitrile gloves;
-Disposable impermeable gowns;
-General surgical masks ; and
-Hand sanitizer and disinfectant with a DIN#.

Anyone who has a surplus is asked to call Emergency Services at 519-524-8394, extension 3507. More information can be found on the Huron County website.