Local council exploring purchasing electric vehicle charger

(© Can Stock Photo / bwylezich)

Ray Chartrand is one of three Huron East councillors who recently asked their council to consider putting an electric car charger in Seaforth.

Chartrand said all three of them sit on the Seaforth Trust Committee and they heard a presentation from a community environmental group about the benefits of having a charger and so they presented their request to council.

Chartrand said part of the presentation they heard included a map of the towns that have a charger.

“When you look at the map, Mitchell has one, Exeter has two, Clinton has two, Walton has one, Blyth has two, Goderich has two, Bayfield has one. So we’re probably the only municipality in the county that doesn’t have one.”

Chartrand said they looked at the fast charger and then a slower charger and there was a significant difference in price.

“The fast charge one is like $50,000, compared to five to seven, in that neighbourhood, for a single charge and they can get a full charge with a smaller one within a half an hour to 45 minutes and we felt that that was sufficient.”

Chartrand said council seemed to like the idea, so staff is looking into what kind of cost-sharing agreement they could work out with the Seaforth Trust and where the charger should be located and bring a report back to the next council meeting.