Staffing shortage continues to reduce emergency room hours at local hospital

Clinton Public Hospital

The Emergency Department at the Clinton Public Hospital is continuing to operate on a reduced schedule.

Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance C-E-O, Andrew Williams announced in early December that staffing problems were forcing the hospital to reduce emergency department hours to eight in the morning until eight in the evening.

Williams told board members last night they’re still aggressively recruiting.

“We’re still aggressively recruiting. It’s an issue of being three part time and one full time staff short for a rotation that is sustainable. Top priority for the organization, we’re working with the Ministry around opportunities and options around staff training and programs in the Ministry that might help, but it’s a big concern for us.”

Williams also says the vast majority of people they would normally see over a 24-hour period are being seen in the eight to eight time period and he credits staff for the effort and energy they’re putting into the situation.

“We are seeing the vast majority of people in the ER that would have come around a 24-hour period. And I tip my hat to our team for the effort and energy that they’re putting into this. We are trying to put as much support as we can in place, we’re working with the area hospitals who might be seeing patients after hours.”

Williams says some people are going to the hospitals in Seaforth, Exeter, Goderich and Wingham and they’re watching that situation closely.