Students help raise money for injured Australia wildlife

Students at St. Marys Catolic School in Goderich selling baked goods to help injured wildlife in the Australia bush fires. (Photo by Bob Montgomery)

Students at St. Mary’s Catholic School in Goderich raised almost 200 dollars yesterday to help injured animals caught in the wild fires in Australia.

Grade seven student, Dana Croteau, started the project. She explains she saw some pictures of Australia and the injured animals and says it was really sad, so she decided to sell popcorn at school to raise money to help them.

“We saw a bunch of pictures of Australia and it was, like, really sad. First me and Tess wanted to do it and then we asked a bunch of other people, so then they decided to do a bake sale too.”

She says her friend, Tess was in on it as well and then they asked a bunch of other students to join them and they had a bake sale.

Croteau says they raised about 180 dollars and that money will be sent to the World Wildlife Fund to help koala bears and kangaroos that were injured in the fires.

In addition to baked goods, students at St. Marys Catholic School sold popcorn to help raise money for injured animals in Australia. (Photo by Bob Montgomery)