Local council moves to establish Agricultural and Agri-Tech Committee

North Perth Mayor Todd Kasenberg. (Photo by Ryan Drury-Blackburn News File Photo)

North Perth Mayor Todd Kasenburg put forth a motion at this week’s council meeting to establish an Agriculture and Agri-Tech Advisory Committee, and council voted to move it forward.

Kasenburg said the new committee will be focused on agricultural economic development.

“What that means in practice is exploring new opportunities and expanding existing opportunities in agriculture,” he said. “I envision a community that has a sector that develops patents and invents new things and solutions that farmers across the world will use.”

Mayor Kasenburg said the committee will involve people from the local farming sector, which will include farmers and others involved in agri-tech, banking and so forth. North Perth will soon begin the recruiting process to fully establish the new committee. He said beyond future development in the sector, the committee could explore going beyond that, as well.

“I imagine, in fact, developing approaches to agri-tourism,” he said. “Why wouldn’t we become a place where those interested in understanding agriculture would come for extended visits?”

On top of exploring all of that, Kasenburg says that of course the committee will focus on some of the dire needs facing farmers now.

“I imagine addressing some of the urgent concerns that are holding our farmers back now. We see incredible demand for broadband internet for example, something I’m actively working on as a member of the SWIFT board.”