Local trail association looking for donations to help repair popular trail

A night time look at the Maitland Woods Trail in Goderich (Photo by Bob Montgomery)

The secretary of the Maitland Trail Association says they’re asking for a little help from the community to keep the Maitland Woods Trail open.

Erinn Lawrie said the Maitland Woods Trail is a very small trail, only a couple of kilometres long, located behind the Knights of Columbus Hall in Goderich. But she said it’s an ideal trail for lunchtime hikes.

“It’s great for doing a lunchtime hike, or lots of people get out there with their dogs and it runs through a lot of different ecosystem types and a lot of those are little wetlands and ponds and so we’ve got quite a few bridges built in there and boardwalks in the Maitland Woods.”

Lawrie said the bridges and boardwalks don’t last forever and periodically they have to replace them in order to keep the trail open.

“We have to replace quite a lot of them in order to keep the trail open for everyone to use, so we’re asking for donations from the community to improve and replace all of the boardwalks and trails within the Maitland Woods, so we’re asking for help to raise five-thousand dollars for this.”

Lawrie points out the Maitland Trail Association is registered charity so they’re able to provide a charitable tax receipt with every donation.