Goderich declares state of climate emergency

Environmental Action Committee Chair Erinn Lawrie says “This shows that, as a town, we take climate change seriously". (Photo by Bob Montgomery)

The chair of Goderich’s Environmental Action Committee says she was happy to see council approve the committee’s recommendation that the town declares a state of climate emergency.

“This shows that, as a town, we take climate change seriously and we want to look at the effects that it’s having on our municipality and see what we can do as a municipality improve and fight climate change,” said Lawrie.

The approval was confirmed on Monday.

By making the declaration Goderich joins about 400 other communities in a program run by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. Lawrie said that program provides resources for municipalities to look at how they’re doing in terms of greenhouse gas emissions.

The program will also provide the town with resources and possible grants to mitigate the impact of climate change.