Local council enters into new canine control services agreement

(File photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / cynoclub)

After the retirement of a long-time private contractor, North Perth Council has agreed to enter into a one-year trial partnership with a new organization to handle canine control services.

North Perth Clerk Pat Berfelz said the new partnership is with a well-established team.

“Stratford-Perth Humane Society is willing to enter into an agreement with the Municipality of North Perth, to provide services to work with us in finding lost dogs, dogs running at large,” said Berfelz.

Berfelz said the process for the humane society doesn’t stop at simply rounding up the dogs.

“They’re willing to put them in kennels until such a time that they find the owners, or they’ll go through the adoption process in order to find good homes for these dogs,” said Berfelz.

In terms of new costs from the agreement, Berfelz said there virtually aren’t any.

“Compared to the agreement we’ve had for many years with a private contractor, this will be very similar and definitely have no financial impact on the municipality,” said Berfelz.

With regard to new dogs, Berfelz said that residents can easily register their dogs at the municipal office or online for tags for just $25.