Huron Shores Transit concept gathering support

Bluewater council has unanimously supported the plan presented by the co-chair of the Huron Shores Transit Committee.

Glen Baillie told council the inter-city route would bring passengers from Sarnia and London into the Grand Bend area twice a day and then there will be feeder service that would go through some of the smaller towns within each municipality.

So there will be runs through places like Port Franks, Ipperwash and Thedford, as well as through Grand Bend, Dashwood and over to Exeter and to Parkhill and north to Bayfield, but those runs will be fluid and flexible so they can be adjusted to meet demand.

Baillie said they have funding to run a pilot program until 2023 and after that, the program will require support from the member municipalities.

“It’s going to cost each of the taxpayers some money if you wish to continue and yes, it will be very modest,” he said. “When people buy gas for their vehicles they’re paying gas tax, and right now in our area that gas tax is not rebated back into our municipalities because we don’t have transit.”

Baillie said he is pleased with the support from Bluewater councillors, adding they were very informed and asked great questions and voted unanimously to endorse the transit plan.