Grey County’s 2020 Warden election ends in tie vote

2020 Grey County Warden Paul McQueen (left) and outgoing Warden Selwyn Hicks. (photo by Kirk Scott)

Grey Highlands Mayor Paul McQueen is the new warden of Grey County, but it was actually the luck of the draw.

The secret ballot of the 18 county councillors ended in a tie between McQueen and his only challenger, Hanover Deputy Mayor and incumbent warden Selwyn Hicks.

To break the tie the two names were put in a hat, and McQueen’s name was drawn.

One of McQueen’s first priorities is to tackle affordable housing, especially as more people move to the area along the Lake Huron shoreline and the Town of the Blue Mountains.

“People are getting squeezed, young people are getting squeezed and those first time buyers are being forced to pay a lot more than they want to pay for that first time house and those first time houses are often fixer-uppers but that’s what they’re being forced to buy,” said McQueen in an interview after Grey County Council’s inaugural meeting.

McQueen’s other priorities for Grey County include long term care and services for seniors, economic development and tourism.

“We have so much potential to bring the world to Grey County in the sense of the world stage and that will be something that I see important for Grey County is, where do we see ourselves on the world stage and I think we need to elevate that.”